‘Yogi Vikas Kumar’ has already become a well known name in the realm of yoga and spiritualism. Yogi Vikas had deep interest in spiritualism from his early child hood. Observing this attitude people used to tell; the birth of Vikas in this world was made for something great. Vikas grew on and in due course of time he got blessing of divine Gurus and the contemplation of people came true. He learned Hathyoga from the internationally renowned Guruji Sri, Sri Rajbali Mishraji for about eight years. He learned Rajyoga and subtle techniques of meditation from the great sain Sri Sri Tribhuvan Nath ji. Along with this he got guidances from many spirirtually uplifted souls time to time. As a result of all this and due to blessings of the divine souls “Vikas” is identified as a great SADHAK, that is “Yogi Vikas Kumar, in a very short span of time, in this path of self-realization his highness met “The Divine Light“.

Today, the light of pure knowledge of yoga has broken the confines of Yogi Vikas and is spreading with infinite hands to assimilate the whole world in itself. To quote Yogi Vikas ” the ultimate goal is to implant the seed of yoga in all human beings, to produce awareness about the multifarious dimensions of yoga, to impart proper practical training and thereby to benefit the entire human race”.

Yogi Vikas is a living example of ” the service to mankind is service to God”. Many people including different nationalities have already benefited from Yogi Vikas. He is practically devoted round the clock to materialize this great service work and the genesis of ” Brahmavarchas International Yoga Academy” is an evidence.

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